Metalware - Vancouver, B.C.

Shelving in Vancouver area

Metalware strength and rigidity has been obtained by the wedge-type combination of shelf and brackets. There are no nuts, bolts or tools required, saving up to 80% of assembly time. Shelves can easily be rearranged and all component parts installed without dismantling. Metalware is assembled in an upright position. There is no additional floor space needed for the process of assembly. Among the most rigid in the industry, Metalware shelving is produced in 18-guage cold-rolled steel. Shelves are made of double-bends on all four sides, complete with closed corners. The uprights are made of 16 gauge hot-rolled steel and are pre-punched, roll-formed, welded and cut to length in on continuous operation.

Metalware steel shelves are designed for maximum strength and durability. A superior quality shelf has been obtained by combining these exclusive features:

  • Double gauge welded corners for maximum support.
  • A two-way locking principle at each corner.
  • 1 3/16” flange on four sides plus a substantial return bend.
  • For heavier loads reinforcing bars are imbedded in the front and rear of the shelf.
  • All shelves are punched for Bin Dividers.

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