Trimline - Vancouver, B.C.

E-Z-Rect’s new generation of Trim-Line boltless shelving is distributed by Hi-Cube Storage Products. Trim-Line is attractively designed, rigid, easy to install and inexpensive. Make changes quickly and efficiently without special skills or tools. Shelves can be quickly added, adjusted or sloped without dismantling the entire row. Trim-Line is fully adjustable on 1” centers to maximize the use of space for the items stored. Choose any combination of width, depth and height to customize your storage area. Hi-Cube Storage Products distributes Trim-Line for use in a wide variety of storage applications including warehouse, retail, record box storage, stationary and office filing systems. Excellent for bin boxes, small parts and bulk storage. No sway/cross braces allow for unobstructed access from either side. Trim-Line used in a high-density storage system can save valuable floor space and increase storage capacity. Attractively finished, it can be used in customer display areas, yet it’s also economical and ideal for shoe storage on stationary or mobile shelving systems.

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